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An illustrated sword and sorcery fantasy adventure novel by Michael Paul Howard

After fleeing forced servitude, Jair, a young half-elf, sets off on a journey of self discovery in a world that does not really accept him. Seeking only freedom, Jair stumbles across a band of goblins delivering a powerful magical artifact. To keep it from being used for evil, Jair decides to take it.This brave act sets him off on a dangerous journey where he meets up with an old friend, Tagor the ranger, and he meets new friends, Kethock the hill giant and Rakkon the barbarian. Together, they endeavor to find out more about an invasion by an evil wizard, and they try to unravel the mystery of the artifact, an ancient elven helmet with a large ruby. They travel through many lands and face constant peril from the minions of the evil wizard who wishes to enslave all the lands by retrieving the magic helmet.As their quest takes them to the fabled elven city of Silvermist, Jair discovers something about himself and realizes that he has more to offer the world than he had ever imagined. 

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- Book Illustrations -

Rakkon And-The-Wyveryn

Rakkon And The Wyvern


Jair Steals The Satchel

Attack on-the-road

Ambushed In The Forest



Shealandra playing-the-harp

Shealandra Playing The Lute

Dark elves-invade-silvermist

Dark Elves Enter The City

World map

Map Of Estolorn

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